Soil Stabilization Services in Brandon

Soil Stabilization Services in Brandon

We place a great deal of value in that which keeps our family safe from harm, making our homes one of our largest investments. You have put a lot of time, money, and trust in your home’s integrity, so encountering problems with its foundation can feel daunting. At LRE Foundation Repair Of Brandon, our Brandon area soil stabilization company specialists can help guide you towards finding the foundation repair solution that will restore your home’s safety and value for years to come.

Soil stabilization is essential when you begin construction on a new home or a residential subdivision. By investing in this, you will ensure that your new residential construction is secure in the years ahead. Our soil service will detect any signs of swell and prevent any cracks from occurring within your home. Swelling clay soils are common in residential homes. In doing so, they shift and cause cracks. This results in a solid foundation that is free from cracks or shifting. Existing residential properties are treated using residential injections by LRE Foundation Repair Of Brandon to completely administer our ionic soil solution, creating an effective moisture barrier around your home. With respect to new developments as well, our team is exceptionally thorough with the application process.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair contractor in Brandon, Florida. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Lime Soil Stabilization
  • Full-Depth Reclamation
  • Cement Soil Stabilization
  • And More Soil Stabilization Services!

Since we started providing soil stabilization services in the Brandon area, we have completed a large number of projects for many property owners. We are a full-service foundation repair contractor that gets the jobs done quickly and in a professional manner. Call us today for a free quote on any of our soil stabilization services.

Lime Soil Stabilization

Applying lime can significantly improve the engineering properties of soil. There are basically two types of improvement: soil preparation and soil stabilization. Almost all fine-grained soils, with some exceptions, can be improved by the use of lime, but the greatest improvement occurs in soils that have moderately to highly plastic properties. Throughout the process of modification, calcium ions supply by the hydrated lime is readily exchanged with cations adsorbing on the surface of the clay mineral. In addition to plasticity and swelling reduction, reduced moisture-holding capacity, and improved stability are the results.

Cement Soil Stabilization

The use of cement stabilization as a method of preparing construction sites and roadbeds is an alternative to traditional preparation methods. Soil stabilized with cement is ideal for well-graded aggregate soils in which the amount of fine soil particles should be sufficient to fill in the spaces and support the coarse aggregate particles. The advantages of cement stabilization include its wide availability, its low cost, and the fact that it is highly durable. Cement stabilization is appropriate for gravel and sandy soils. Three main types of stabilized soils include those altered with cement, those that attain their maximum depth in reclaimed soils, and those that are stabilized at the base at their full depth in the ground.

Give us a call today at 903-308-1561 to schedule your free service quote on all soil stabilization, as well as commercial foundation repair services. Our contractors will visit your property to discuss your options for your soil stabilization services. We’re here to help, so call us to learn more about our services today.